Thursday, March 22, 2012

New Peel Looks Cool, but Expensive, Dangerous

While design of this miniature car from famed Peel Engineering, which is known for its tiny creations, is nice looking, who would want to be riding in this tiny car tot if hit in an accident.

This is a limited run, and so obviously was built to cater to collectors and those wanting to make a show run to garner attention once in a while.

Called the Peel Electric Mini-Cars, they are offered as an electric car, or much better, a gas alternative is offered.

As usual, the gas cars demolish the mileage of the futile electric car scam, with the 49cc engine of the gas version getting about 119 mpg, while the electric version gets about 40 mpg, while being able to ride for only 20 miles before the need to be recharged. The gas version runs at a top speed of 40 mph.

It does offer a ride for two people, but has virtually no storage room.

The cost of this basically useless vehicle? About $20,000 per car.

That's a lot to pay for what is essentially a little toy car built for the purpose of getting a little attention.

All this is is a marketing gimmick to get the company back in the game again. I guess, to some degree, it's working.

It would be fun to use if you had a piece of property with enough acreage to let it loose a little.

Hopefully no one is dumb enough to take this out in real-world driving conditions. Thankfully it's a limited edition with very few cars offered.