Saturday, November 28, 2009

Retail Trends | Instantaneous Price Comparison

Retail Trends

I've been writing for years on the ability of shoppers to use the Internet to comparison shop. That's gone a step further now, and in some cases you can take your mobile phone and scan the barcode at the store and receive immediate feedback on where to get it at a better price.

You can also search for a specific product you're interested in and receive back a list of the prices you can find online for it.

Of course the caveat to this is you must have a smartphone to perform these tasks, so only about 17 percent of Americans can take advantage of those services.

Of course you can still go the route of checking out the Internet via your computer if you must go to a physical store to make your buy.

All of this scares retailers, and it'll probably take several more years before market penetration is at the level where it really could impact their bottom line at the potential it could.

Retail Trends

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Christmas Trends | Thomas Kinkade Art

Christmas Trends

I don't think I've ever found something by Thomas Kinkade I didn't like, and that's true with this work of art depicting the night before Christmas.

All those lights on in the house seem to speak of nobody wanting to go to bed because of their excitement, and their color is very nicely done.

The yard light throwing light on the snowman and cobblestone path is also fantastic, as well as the arch behind the snowman.

A nice fire is going as shown by the smoke escaping the chimney, along with the trees filled with snow as the sun starts to go down, depicts just what many of us remember when we were children. Great piece of Christmas art from Thomas Kinkade!

Christmas Trends