Thursday, August 27, 2009

Medical Trends | Concept Chair to Help Those with Cerebral Palsy Walk

Medical Trends

This cerebral palsy concept walking device could be a great help to children with cerebral palsy over the age of five.

Dubbed the CPLEGIA, it offers children to use the unit to work on their walking skills and leg movement at three different stages, giving those performing cerebral palsy occupational therapy another potential tool to use to help aid therapy for cerebral palsy.

The CELEGIA, in what could be called a treatment for cerebral palsy, operates in three different stages, like mentioned above. The first stage allows the young user to simply use their feet to move around while remaining seated.

For the second stage, you can straighted out the in a way that the children can actually walk.

In the third stage there is no support for the back added and users can walk about freely without any aid of the walker for back support, although they still use the walker to help them walk.

There is not a lot of cerebral palsy help, and so this is a welcome addition for those that are victims of the brain damage which causes cerebral palsy.

Medical Trends

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