Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bicycle Trends | Kiddimotto Balance Bikes

Bicycle Trends

These new wooden balance bikes from Kiddimotto in the U.K. are great. They are built to help your child build balance and confidence in preparation from taking on the challenge of riding a regular bike, and for just helping learn balance itself.

The bikes are made of lightweight birch plywood, which allow easy handling and steering for the children. Tires on the bike are made of rubber to make the easy to ride outdoors on a variety of surfaces.

There are four styles of the Wooden Balance Bike, with each one looking too cool. Each style is based on a past classic scooter or motorcycle. There is the Scrambler, which as a more typical bicycle shape, with a slighted elevated seat. Another is called simply the Scooter, which is based upon the Mod Scooter of the 60s. You can even see the little footboards that were a popular design of those times. Next there is the Superbike, which is exactly what it says, looking like a cool racer. Finally there is the Chopper, marketed for those who are the Easy Riders of the future. Very cool.

Great idea to get kids to want to ride them in order to build their balance and coordination, while have a lot of fun burning off all that energy.

Bicycle Trends

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