Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Toy Trends | Mini Polaris Ranger RZR

Toy Trends

Now why didn't they have something like the mini Polaris Ranger RZR when I was a kid? Oh, well, now I can live vicariously through my children as they travel on almost any type of outdoor terrain with this very cool ride-on vehicle based on the Polaris Ranger RZR.

The ride-on vehicle includes dual 24-volt electric motors and a variable-speed accelerator which allows it to smoothly accelerate from 3 1/2 MPH to 7 MPH.

Wheels on the vehicle are 15" molded with treads, and there is also a rear suspension to make the ride smooth as it could be, depending on the type of terrain being navigated.

As safety is always at the top of our minds for our children, and to addresss those concerns there are power brakes which can be used by moving the child's foot from the pedal to the brakes. There are also safety harnesses included on each of the adjustable bucket seats, along with a rool cage.

For added fun, if driving isn't enough, there also is a FM radio and an MP3 player which work, and a couple of cup holders built in if the little ones want or need a drink.

The ride-on all terrain mini Polaris Ranger RZR can run for close to two hours on a four-hour charge. It supports up to 150 pounds and goes for $1,000.

Toy Trends

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