Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Tech Trends | Apple's iPod Nano Will Continue to Dominate its Niche

Tech Trends

Apple's iPod Nano got a great boost today from the re-emergence of Steve Jobs to the stage, and the latest additions to its features which should help it retain a strong hold in the midmarket niche it now dominates, and probably extend its market share even more.

Some of the additional features include a pedometer, video camera, voice recorder, FM radio, new digital-album format and precut ringtones for $1.29.

The latest version, which will include 8 GB, will go for $149, while the newest 16 GB version will sell for $179, keeping in that nice range, which should cut into competitors' offerings.

While the price of the Shuffle was cut to $59 for its version with 2GB and $79 for the 4GB version, it probably isn't a enough to sway the minds of consumers who will probably continue to go with SanDisk's Sansa Clip+. That seems to be sending a signal from Apple that they're focusing on the iPod Nano as their chief entry in the mobile market. That's the same with the iPod touch, which has strong competition from the Zune HD, depending on what your priorities are.

Tech Trends

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