Friday, September 18, 2009

Bicycle Trends | Wind-Solar Energy Bike

Bicycle Trends

This hybrid concept bike called the Wind-Solar Energy bike from Chen Chun Tung is interesting, as it can help you up difficult terrain, or at the same time, just get you home when you get tired from a long bicycle ride.

Energy is captured from four different sources: wind energy, solar energy, shock energy and muscle power, where it can then be stored in a rechargeable battery for use at those opportune times.

In conjunction with the four different energy sources accessed, are four areas on the bike where that energy is harnessed: the adjustable solar energy plane, the Spoiler, the Two front forks and the front and back wheels.

Each place has a gadget in place to harness that energy.

According to designer Chen Chun Tung, it was “Specially designed in a compact manner, can convert various natural power sources into electric power when the user rides it.”

Bicycle Trends

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