Friday, September 11, 2009

Tech Trends | AMD Multi-screen TV

Tech Trends

While this new multi-screen TV from AMD looks cool and everone has been talking about it, my first response was practical, and that was do we want multi-screens which interrupt the flow of the image by the connection points of the TV, like in the photo above. Why not just just use a single-screen TV for films, shows and playing games? I don't see what this adds other than a trophy used in attempts to enhance AMD's reputation. In other words, this may never be more than a marketing gimmick.

As far as the technology involved, it uses a new AMD Eyefinity DirectX 11 graphics card, which allows the graphics to show as one on the multiple screens.

This may be interesting for work and study uses, but as an entertainment device I think once people realize the limitations, it'll fizzle out. Tech is cool, but it still has to have uses consumers' demand. I don't see this being something that will inspire the masses, but will probably be a very expensive niche player, once some uses for it are discovered.

Tech Trends

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