Monday, July 27, 2009

Auto Trends | Dyson Ball Car

Auto Trends

What's the latest design from Santosh Chawla? It's throwing a car on top of and around a Dyson Ball. You know, the one that we saw navigating vacuum cleaners on infomercials.

Theoretically it could travel on almost any type of terrain and conditions, and could turn at 360º on a dime. And if you accidently turn at 360º on a dime while driving? Adios amigo. That's the end.

While I like the design, and the color of this prototype is one of my favorites for cars, it's just too cutesy to me, and would be more fun to play with on land you owned than being a realistic or safe way to travel.

But doing those 360s on some land or wide open space would be a blast, although it's hard to know how expensive it would cost, and it only runs on hydrogen fuel.

Auto Trends

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