Monday, July 27, 2009

Bicycle Trends | Future City Mobility

Bicycle Trends

This is an interesting concept from Marten Wallgren and friends who imagined what traffic in London would be like in 2030. From there they looked developing an idea related to car-free-zones; and so the focus on this unique bicycle designed to work within a system in central London.

It's described this way:

"Allowing a special designed bicycle/scooter to be well integrated with the infrastructure as well as becoming a part of the interior of the busses and taxis. Inside London Garden, the users have more awerness of the individual energy consumption. In fact, the energy that you create while biking is used as a currency while docking the bicycle into the bus or taxi."

A unique bus is also figured into the equation which would be used the charge the combination bike-scooter, so you could use either option when getting off.

Bicycle Trends

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