Thursday, July 16, 2009

Trends | Solar Pool Skimmer

Tech Trends

Here's a pretty cool solar pool skimmer tech gadget you use in your pool to keep all that surface stuff out of your way and keep it from interfering with your swimming experience.

It includes a couple of solar panels at the top where it soaks in the sun's rays and gets energized. Two paddlewheels then propel the little guy and off it goes cleaning your pool's surface. It also has wheels on its side panels which allows it to maneuver around.

A NiMH recharageable battery stores up the energy and run for 8 hours on a charge.

The skimmer also identifies when its batteries are getting low and will take it to a part of the pool which has sun through an internal microprocessor.

It also recognizes when there is no sun and will slow down in order to conserve energy; whether at night or on cloudy days.

The pool skimer measures 6 1/4" H x 20" W x 23" L.

Tech Trends

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