Thursday, July 23, 2009

Celebrity Trends | Kate Beckinsale - Talented and Gorgeous Brit Actress

Celebrity Trends

Kate Beckinsale has acted in a lot of movies, and done a great job, but it seems see just shines in the vampire genre, and she also looks gorgeous with her dark hair in complexion, which never goes out of style.

As you can see from these sexy hot photos of Kate Beckinsale, she seems to get more beautiful as time goes on, and she keeps herself looking gorgeous.

She is starring in Whiteout, which is scheduled for a September 11 release, and has finished filming Everybody's Fine.

In 2010 Kate Beckinsale will be in 'April 23,' which little is known as of this writing.

This gorgeous Brit will be a hot acting commodity for some time to come, and I'm looking forward to enjoying watching her many projects over the years ahead.

Celebrity Trends

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