Saturday, July 25, 2009

Retail Trends | Microsoft to Challenge Apple with Consumer Electronic Stores

Retail Trends

Microsoft strategy and store design plans were 'leaked' recently, and Microsoft confirms much of the leaks are true, but in reference to store design, they're still at the early stages of decision making.

As far as the strategy of placing a number of their consumer electronic outlets near or right next to Apple retail stores, Microsoft confirmed that is definitely part of their strategy, and they'll be rolling out some this year, and moving quicker in 2010.

One of the very cool design features of the stores, which many people have commented on if true, will make Apple stores look boring. Now wouldn't that be a change for Micrsoft.

The design talked about is a video wall which goes around the entire store, along with numerous other cool features that will make people want to hang out and shop.

Assuming Microsoft goes with a number of these features, they will have a great place to visit, and will seriously challenge Apple in consumer electronics retail competition.

Retail Trends

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