Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Auto Trends | Secret Agent Bentley

Auto Trends

For only $500,000 in pocket change, you can own your own bullet-proof Bentley, which will put on the equal with just about anything James Bond drives.

This car isn't only bullet-proof, it also includes a self-contained oxygen system which can be used when you come under the inevitable poison gas attack.

That's just for starters though, as there's also ballistic steel in the doors, a gas tank that is explosion proof, Kevlar flooring, and can run on flat tires.

But the ultimate in this secret agent car is the exploding hinge bolts which will blast the doors open and give you a quick exit if you have to escape quickly.

I never knew ordinary life could be so exciting. Just owning it would give you some game. If you ever really had to use it, well, you'll be the neighborhood hero.

Auto Trends

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