Saturday, August 1, 2009

$70 Million for Beckham Legs

Celebrity Trends

While it may seem like a lot, the $70 million David Beckham insures his legs from isn't near what one major celebrity insures hers for, which comes in at a huge $1 billion. We'll reveal who she is in a minute.

Some of the interesting body parts insured by celebrities today include smiles, taste buds, breasts, nose, chest hair, voice, sperm, mustache and hands.

Other legs, or rather in this case - feet - insured for a lot are the feet of Michael Flatley, which he insures for $39 million.

while it is understandable in the cases of Beckham and Flatley, many other celebrities do it primarily as marketing stunts to keep their names in the news.

For example, Dolly Parton insures her boobs for $600,000. Now with all the money Dolly has, we know this is just a fun thing she does to draw attention, although just being Dolly and looking at her figure is enough to do that.

So who is the female celebrity that insures her legs for $1 billion? The answer may surprise you: it's Mariah Carey. I wonder what that policy costs?

Celebrity Trends

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