Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tattoos | Salvador Dali Tattoos


Salvador Dali's art has inspired many people to put his creations on all sort of objectss, and one favorite is not only having one of his works tattooed on someone, but having Salvador Dali's image tattooed as well.

Either way they're done well, and are a testament to the work of the man, which remains highly popular to this day.

The couple tattoo photos included here show the quality of the work and how compelling and interesting Salvador Dali and his work remains.

Although it's simple, the musical note and mouth are fascinating, and while a lot of other tattoos of Dali are out there, I like the surrealism of this tattoo, and it is a good example of the work Dali did.


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  1. Hi there

    I love the tattoo with the musical note in it. What dali painting is it from?

    Many thanks for sharing the tattoos