Sunday, August 30, 2009

Political Trends | End the Fed From Ron Paul Could Change America's Economic Future

Political Trends

There is probably no more important book in economic history than the one about to be released from Ron Paul named "End the Fed."

Now that the economic crisis in America has Americans focused on the policies and actions of the Federal Reserve, this hard-hitting book from Ron Paul will help them understand even better the destruction implementing these policies have had and will continue to have if the Fed isn't removed from the economic equation.

Very few Americans have ever really noticed or understood the Federal Reserve until recently, and this book by Ron Paul will help them understand why the Fed has always been a dangerous institution, and the reasons the economy would do much better without it.

This is the reason the Federal Reserve and Ben Bernanke are battling to even be audited in a complete way with the introduction of the bill H.R. 1207, which was authored by Ron Paul and co-sponsored by over 280 fellow lawmakers.

You can get this very important and unprecedented book by preordering now, which is scheduled to be available on September 16.

Political Trends

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