Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Cocoon Escape House Called 'Hibernate'

Design Trends

In a similar way you may make a paper mache object, Aimee Pegram has created what she calles "Hiberante," which is supposed to represent your own little cocoon to dwell in when you need a relaxed environment to escape to.

How it is made is a large five-foot inflatable balloon is wrapped with a weave of rope, which when set, the balloon is popped and the weave design remains to create the 'nest.'

As you can see, you can put down what you prefer to relax on while being able to see what's going on outside the hibernation pad.

While I'm not sure this works in the way described, just the unique design itself is interesting, and would look good in the right environment and scenario. And if it works for you as the stated purpose - all the better.

Design Trends

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