Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Trends | Personal Rapid Transport Vehicles

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Heathrow Airport has been the recipient of Personal Rapid Transport or PRT vehicles, which are essentially four-person battery-run taxis running on rails, which through a touchscreen system, a rider can direct which parking lot in the airport they want the taxi to take them.

Designed by Mark Lowson, who also was part of the design team for the Saturn Rocket used to launch the Apollo missions, shows you why it has such an interesting, futuristic look.

The initial number of PRTs will be 18, which will cost $41 million, and if as successful as hoped, will be expanded by the BBA with another $331 million which will allow passengers to embark to hotels located near Heathrow terminal.

At such high costs it's doubtful the pods can be used in anything other than a than a smaller, controlled environment. Still, the idea of zooming around in one of these little pods with a couple of friends is pretty exciting.

Tech Trends

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