Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Furniture Trends | Mud Furniture Series

Furniture Trends

A new chair collection from Jennifer Anderson is named the "Mud Series," and it takes three classics from an Eames LCW, a Thonet Café Chair, and a Wegner Wishbone and recreates them into mud and steel.

The feel is that you went into an old building and discovered some chairs from an age long gone, giving the feel of wear and damage from cracked earth.

Commenting on why she chose these particular pieces for her inspiration, Anderson said this:

"In addition to admiring the forms of the pieces that I choose to recreate, I look at their recognizability and their social commentary. I thought it would be interesting to make Thonet's Café Chair in mud because it's the most reproduced chair of all time. Taking an iconic form that is the epitome of mass-production and making it a one-of-a-kind piece in a non-traditional material makes people think about that object. The Eames chair falls into the same category, but it was also a technical challenge because the individual elements are so thin. My goal was to make the entire chair fully structural and functional, which it is."

You can order the Mud Series starting off at $2,900 by special order only from Anderson's website.

Furniture Trends

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