Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tech Trends | Retro Nintendo Classics

Tech Trends

These licensed gadgets from past Nintendo classic games should be a hit among fans, who never seem to tire of some of the old, addictive games, which remain so after all these years.

Add a game being able to be played on a keychain device and you can see how easily it would be to go to it immediately in a moment of boredom and end up being a hour later when you find out that much time has passed.

The new keychain gadgets will include three classic Nintendo games in the beginning: Super Mario Brothers, Mario's Cement Factory and Donkey Kong Junior.

No matter the quality can't compare with current offerings, I know the addictive nature of the past games will provide hours of fun and frustration as we attempt to be our old scores as in times past.

Tech Trends

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