Monday, August 3, 2009

Tech Trends | Digital 'In Newspaper'

Tech Trends

While the idea of an e-newspaper is nothing new, the concept 'In Newspaper is interesting in giving a glimpse at what some are imagining that world to be, and I could say that while looking interesting, it's pretty underwhelming.

You hook up a thin screen device to an outlet which charges up the device so you can access the news in the morning. My first thought is: so what? It adds absolutely nothing to what we do now except to be able to read from a thin screen held in our hand in the house.

We can do that on a regular computer, laptop, or thin laptop now, and get all the news updated on a continuous basis as well.

This would be a possibility if it were offered on public transit of some sore where people could read it from a comfortable and relevant position, but other than that, I can't see this adding any value to the home or workplace.

Tech Trends

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