Monday, August 17, 2009

Advertising Trends | Unique Business Card

Advertising Trends

All you've got to do is look at this very compelling, but simple business card to know it's a winner, as far as getting someone to take a look at least at the name on the card.

Agrie Paint Services is the recipients of this interesting tear-off business card from advertising agency Extreme Group.

Why do I know this is a winner? Simple. You know you want to tear off that little tab when you look at it. It begs to be done, and that doesn't even include the paint-looking addition to it, which pre-advertises what the business located under the tab will be, although it may be doubtful the one tearing the tab will connect that until they look at the name.

But that's part of the success of this unique business card; it not only taps into your curiosity and propensity for taking an action the majority of human beings would do, but it then ties that into the paint-looking colored tab, which reinforces the company. So it gives at minimum a double chance at the person interacting with the card to connect to the company and its message. Very well done.

Advertising Trends

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