Friday, August 7, 2009

Majority Twitter Users Over 25

Internet Trends

In what is consistent with social networking numbers but relatively unknown by the general public, the majority of users continue to be over the age of 25, even though the perception and media reports usually refer to it as young people's networks.

Twitter is not different, as Nielsen numbers show not only is Twitter not a young user network, but it isn't even close.

An amazing 84 percent of Twitter users are over the age of 25, with 20 percent of those over the age of 55. Only 16 percent of Twitter users account for the under 25 demographic.

This has been the pattern for social networks for some time. Early adopters skew younger, and once their prolific use brings it to the attention of the media, reports attract older users who become the majority rather quickly. That has also been the pattern with MySpace and Facebook.

Even with all the Twitter hype though, very few people follow others, whether they sign up to or not. And many don't do much with it once they have an account.

Internet Trends

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